Keeping you moving in sport and in life

Life is an athletic event where time-outs are not always possible. There often comes a time when we need help.

To the athletes, weekend warriors, performance artists and active parents, if you are limited by pain or looking to improve your function, I am here to help.

Sports Injury Management

I have worked with athletes from every sport and every level. And I can tell you with absolute confidence that not ONE athlete has ever presented the same way as any other.

Paediatric Care

Bringing awareness to bad postural/functional habits is paramount. Also, teaching a child how to move or perform a skill properly helps them build the awareness they need to avoid future injury and improve performance.

Dance Injury Management

Dance injury management plans need to take into account the dancers’ goals, timelines and return to play requirements, just like with any other sports injury.

Exercise Medicine

Exercise is the greatest tool a clinician has… if they know how to use it. As a sports injury specialist, my patients and I spend a lot of time in the gym together.

Educational Workshops for Athletes

Teaching is a passion of mine. An educational workshop is a great way to educate a whole group of athletes that share common goals.

Professional Bike Fitting

Even a seasoned cyclist who has spent thousands of dollars on equipment is at risk of injury if their bike isn’t set up for their body.